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  • What If I Forget My Appointment?
    We will text you the day prior to your appointment to remind you. If you then stand up a cleaner, we will make every effort to contact you. If the cleaner still can not access your property to complete the work, you will be charged a lockout fee equivalent to two hours of cleaning. This is because the cleaner has spent time and money in travelling to your property and can't recover their pay elsewhere due to the time you had booked.
  • Sickness Policy
    In order to protect you and your family's health, if your regular cleaner is sick with a contagious illness, you will be contacted to reschedule your clean or where possible, you will be offered a fill in cleaner for that service. If anyone in your household is home sick with any contagious illness, no matter how mild, please call to reschedule your service. This is to protect the health of our cleaners, their families and other clients (especially those undergoing cancer treatments or who are pregnant). Our cleaners reserve the right to immediately leave any home where people are home with a contagious illness, and to immediately and permanently discontinue services.
  • What If I'm Going Away On Holiday?
    Please let us know with as much notice as possible if you will be going away on holiday so we have the opportunity to schedule cleaners with other work during that time. Alternatively, many clients ask that the cleaner still attend the property to tend to other cleaning tasks such as cleaning windows, cleaning inside fridges, pantry clean outs etc. If this would suit you and you're comfortable with allowing your cleaner access during the time you're away, please discuss the possibilities with your cleaner.
  • Renovations To Your Property
    If you are undertaking major renovations, please let us know. Cleaners may not attend your property during this time due to excess dust, excess noise, lack of water or electricity, or having other workers in the house making it difficult to undertake the cleaning efficiently or effectively. For minor renovations or where other workers are required to be at your home, wherever possible, please arrange for this work to be done at a different time to your regular scheduled clean.
  • What Is Your Fair Treatment Policy?
    We will treat you fairly, and we expect the same in return from you. We reserve to the right to immediately and permanently terminate services due to: * putting a cleaner's health at risk * disrespectful or abusive behavior * racism * sexism * discrimination * harassment.
  • When Is Payment Due?  What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
    Payment is due on the day of your service for regular cleans. There are two payment options: (1) Cash payment (2) Payment via debit/credit card.
  • What If My Clean Falls On a Public Holiday?
    Our cleaners are available to service your home Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If your normal clean will fall on a public holiday, We wiill contact you 2 weeks prior to a public holiday to make alternative arrangements. You may choose to have your regular service on a different day, to skip that clean for the week/fortnight or to have another trusty cleaner come in on another business day.
  • What If I Don't Feel Comfortable With The Cleaner Assigned To My Regular Clean?
    If for any reason you don't feel comfortable with any cleaner assigned to your home, please let us know immediately. We are happy to listen to your concerns and work with you to resolve any issues.
  • Can I Be Home During The Cleaning?
    So that you can get the most out of your cleaning and we can do our job efficiently, we kindly ask that: · you keep to a room or area of your home that you can trade off when the time comes · that visitors and tradespeople are not present during the cleaning, as it makes it difficult for cleaners to complete tasks.
  • Water, Electricity & Tradespeople
    We need water to clean bathrooms, kitchens and floors. We need electricity to run vacuum cleaners. If you know your utilities will be interrupted during a scheduled clean, please contact us to reschedule your cleaning. Longer term renovations may create excess noise and dust, and interruptions to utilities, which means that we may need to temporarily suspend cleaning services until renovations are completed. Please let us know with as much notice as possible if you are planning long term renovations so that we can make arrangements to adjust your cleaning.
  • Access To Your Property
    We take security seriously! Please note that our cleaners do not keep client keys. If you will not be home for your cleaning, we recommend using one of the following options: (1) Let us know door & alarm codes (2) Install a lockbox near your front door and let us know the code. Leave your key in the lockbox, and we will return it there for you upon completion of your cleaning.
  • Will My Pets Be A Problem?
    We love animals! They're family, and we love to make a fuss over them. However, caring for your pet isn't part of our service. We don't clean up pet feces or change litter. We will take extra care when entering and exiting the property to ensure any escape artists are kept inside and safe. However, we may ask you to secure your pets if they are nervous, or are likely to attack the vacuum cleaner!
  • Is It OK For My Children To Be Home During A Clean?
    We'll no doubt find your kids are wonderful and will love seeing them. Most parents prefer for their children to go for an outing whilst cleaners are present. If this won't be possible, so you can get the most out of your cleaning, we ask that : (1) Young children are supervised at all times by you. Cleaners are not trained nor responsible to look after your children (2) Kept as much as possible to one room that can be "traded off" when the time comes as we need clear access to rooms in order to clean effectively and efficiently (3) Please let your teenagers know that we need clear access to rooms and ask them to vacate rooms when we need access to them.
  • Will Our Regular Cleaner Arrive on the Same Day and at the Same Time Each Service?
    Yes. Prior to your first clean, a regular day and time will be agreed between yourself and your cleaner. We pride ourselves on punctuality and reliability. Your cleaner may give you a window of time in which they will arrive. We expect cleaners to be punctual, and have quality measures in place to discourage tardiness/swapping of days/times on a frequent basis. However, we know that from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances such as a traffic jam, delays will occur. You cleaner will contact you to let you know if this should be the case. In some cases, your usual cleaner may be sick or taking time off. In this case, you may be assigned a different cleaner for a short period of time.
  • Do You Move Furniture/Rugs To Clean Under Them?
    Yes - if the furniture is easily accessible, and we can easily move it with one hand (although we will always use two hands just for that extra bit of care!). Rugs/mats that are located under heavy pieces of furniture will be folded back as far as possible to vacuum the floor underneath, if safe to do so. We vacuum both sides of rugs/mats if the material on the underside is appropriate, before replacing the item after vacuuming/mopping.
  • What Cleaning Products and Equipment Do I Need To Supply To You?
    You won't have to stock up on cleaning chemicals ever again. You'll never come home to a freshly cleaned home with a pile of dirty rags in the sink to launder! Our cleaners come with all the equipment and chemicals needed to clean your home. Quality, microfiber cloths are laundered and disinfected between use. We use color coded cloths for different parts of the house in order to ensure no cross contamination. All equipment is disinfected after use at your home.
  • Is There Anything I Should Do Before You Arrive? Do I Need To Tidy Up?
    Yes, thank you for asking :-) You can get the best results from your cleaning if you do a quick light tidy up. This allows us to focus on actual cleaning. We also don't want to move your stuff as it may make it harder for you to find an item after we've tidied up. Please: * pick up and put away any clothes, children's toys or other items on the floor to decrease clutter before we arrive * remove all dirty dishes from the sink * make sure your pet is safe and secure.
  • Do You Wash Dishes?
    Please note that we do not wash dishes due to the high risk of breakage. Please ensure your kitchen is free of dirty dishes prior to the arrival of your cleaner. If dirty dishes are left in the sink/kitchen, they will be removed whilst the sink is cleaned, and then placed back in the sink.
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