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Reduce The Stress of Moving.

Moving is a big job and cleaning your homes (both the old and the new) can feel like such a burden!  If you're dreading the hours of cleaning needed to get your home ready for its new occupants, or just want to focus on getting settled into your new home, then we can help!  


With two different options for Move In/MoveOut Cleans, you can leave it all to us, or a cleaner can come and work through your priority list for an agreed number of hours. 


For Flat Rate Move Out Cleans, we stay until all tasks on our checklist are completed.  To download our 53 point Flat Rate Move Out Checklist, please click here

Flat Rate Complete

Move Out Clean

* We stay until all items on the checklist are completed.

*To See What's Included,  Please Click Here

1 Bedroom Home - $240

2 Bedroom Home - $272

3 Bedroom Home - $304

4 Bedroom Home - $352

5 Bedroom Home - $432

Hourly Rate

Move Out Clean

*We'll work our way through your list of priorities.

*We clean for an agreed amount of time. 

*3 Hours minimum

Flat Rate of $50 per hour.

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