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With Our Quality And Customer Service Guarantees,
You've Got Nothing To Lose But Dust and Soap Scum.

We've got your back with our Cleaning And Booking Guarantees.

Quality Guarantee

At Hills Home Clean we care about the results we get for our customers.  We're committed to making you smile when you come home to your beautifully clean home. 

We totally get it.  There's nothing worse than being expected to pay for something you're not happy with!  Not only are we obsessed about delivering a clean you're thrilled with, we're obsessed with ensuring we're doing the right thing by our customers.


That's why we gladly offer a no questions asked, 100% money-back Quality Guarantee.  If you aren't thrilled with your service, please contact us immediately on the day of your clean.  We'll arrange to return to your home, at no extra charge to you, to re-clean that area.  If you're still unimpressed, you owe us nothing, and you will not be charged for your clean.

Booking Guarantee

If you've ever had the disappointing experience of booking a cleaner who just never showed up on the day, you're not alone.  It's so frustrating to be stuffed around!  You're sitting at home as time ticks by, waiting for that knock on the door that never comes.  You try to contact the cleaner, but they don't answer and you never hear from them again.

Life happens and things come up last minute for both customers and cleaners.  If, in the unlikely event we need to at all change anything about a booking, we know communication is key.  We promise to never stand you up.  If we stuff it up, you're next regular clean is free!


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