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Our Hard Working Professional Cleaners
Cleaning a Stove

Our epic team of cleaners possess the fitness level to work at a professional pace, a good eye for detail, and a heart for people.   

Our cleaners are paid well for doing the hard and dirty work of cleaning.  We strive to make them feel valued and supported, because they're amazing, and we know they'll pass this on to our customers as well.  It's a win-win for everyone.

All cleaners are given initial training before they go to a customer's home to make sure they're well equipped to deliver a high standard of results to our customers.  Our cleaners love to grow and improve, so we also provide ongoing training on a regular basis.  We have consistency across our training and processes, so you can rest assured that if a regular cleaner goes on holidays, or is unwell, you can still have a sparkling home with no fuss.

You'll never have to go shopping for cleaning supplies or worry about laundering dirty rags again because your cleaner will arrive at your home with a smile, their own eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and high quality micro fibre clothes and equipment.

Want to know more?  We'd love to hear from you.  

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